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GST Consultancy Services

  • GST is a destination-based consumption tax in India.
  • It follows a dual model, with CGST as the central tax and SGST as the state tax.
  • IGST is applied to inter-state transactions, with revenue shared between the center and states.
  • GST operates on a single taxable event, known as "supply."
  • It employs a four-tier tax rate structure.
  • There's a creditable compensation cess component.
  • A matching concept is introduced to determine the admissibility of tax credits.
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How Can We Help?

  • Impact Analysis

    • Mapping current business model vis-a-vis model under GST regime
    • Analyzing key tax impacts on transactions undertaken
    • Evaluation of agreements
    • Examining eligibility of tax credits into GST regime
    • Simulating I/O cost structure
    • Identifying issues and developing mitigation plan
  • Implementation Planning

    • Assistance in aligning tax reports, invoices
    • Providing insights on factors for vendor negotiation
    • Advice on transitional issues
    • Preparing GST-compliance calendar
    • Conducting training sessions
    • Assisting IT-team to make GST compliant IT-system
    • Verification of tax calculation in system after IT implementation
    • Assisting in aligning the existing RCMs
    • Helping to identify internal checks for reducing errors
    • Revalidating impact analysis on the basis of final GST law
  • Post Implementation Support

    • Checking eligibility and effective utilization of credit
    • Periodical review of monthly I/O data & returns
    • On call routine advisory
    • Suggesting changes to bring efficiency
    • Updating the organization with relevant legal changes
    • Support with ASP/GSP

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