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November 18, 2023
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The Surge of NRI Investments in India's Real Estate: A 5-Year Boom to Reach 20% by 2025

The real estate boom in India seems to be a sweet spot for NRI investments. NRI contributions to Indian real estate surge over 5 years to reach 20% by 2025.

Between 2019 -20- NRIs constituted 10% of total real estate investments in India. Today consistently increased - 2023 – 15%. Projected to reach 20% by 2025.

Reasons for increase

  • Increased rental yield
  • Continued depreciation of Indian rupee
  • Favorable govt policies
  • Resilience shown by Indian real estate sector in the face of adversity

Financial considerations + emotional bonds & family living in India– with country of origin

Investment opportunities in Indian real estate market

Bangalore and Mumbai is preferred destinations due to

  1. Cosmopolitan Lifestyle
  2. Thriving Startup Ecosystem
  3. Dynamic Real Estate Market
  4. Quality Educational Institutions

Challenges Faced: 82% of NRIs

  • Lack of Information
  • Transparency